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Rhinelander Council To Discuss Testing Golf Course Drinking Water

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  The recent disclosure that the City of Rhinelander shut down one of it's water wells because of contamination has prompted a city council member to check another nearby city-owned well.

City and DNR officials announced well #7 on the city's far west side had measurable amounts of what are known as PFAS, by-products of industrial chemicals and fire fighting foam.

The rest of the city's water has proven drinkable without concern.

Alderperson Lee Emmer asked Monday night about the water at the nearby Northwood Golf Club.

Mayor Chris Frederickson talked with course Superintendent Joe Anderson about the water supply there..

"For clarification, at least from what I got from Joe Anderson, was that the high-capacity well was for irrigation and it ran into that little pond, just so we're clear. There is a smaller well that is used for the clubhouse..."

Emmer made a motion to have the water at Northwood tested, but the council went along with a suggestion by alderperson Steve Sauer...

"...Instead of just making a motion to approve the testing when we don't know how many wells there are and whether they can be tested, perhaps the motion should be made to get more information on how many wells there are at the golf course and then get a cost estimate for testing the wells..."

Emmer withdrew his motion to order tests right away, until more information on how many wells are at the golf course and what they do.

That information is likely to be at next Monday's regular monthly meeting.

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