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Former Duffy Staffers Still Operating 7th Congressional District Offices


WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) -- Some residents of Wisconsin's 7th Congressional district may find themselves asking the question "What do we do now that Sean Duffy has left office?" Officials in the District Office say, for the most part, you won't notice a difference in services offered.

Matt Schuck, communications director for the office, says all employees are still working normal hours and none of the phone numbers have changed, they've just transitioned to being employees of the District and not of Duffy. "All constituent services like flag requests or passport requests, people can still call in and get their needs met," said Schuck. "We are fully staffed and ready to serve the needs of the constituents." However, because the district does not have a voting member of the House, Schuck says there is a limit to the services they can provide when it comes to specific legislation.

The staff can answer questions about the bills, but they can't take public comment on them. "We are able to give general information, but we can't direct traffic or take calls about which way a member [of Congress] should vote."

Schuck adds that it's too soon to tell what will happen with the 7th district offices, which Duffy had located in Wausau, Hudson, and Hayward. He says it will be up to whoever wins January's special election to determine where constituent offices will be located. "It is a very large district, so I would imagine there will be comparable representation and offices that are accessible to the constituents."

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