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Lottery Players Providing More Money To Homeowners

Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue

As property tax bills get mailed out, the Wisconsin Lottery reports those buying lottery tickets helped return more money to local taxpayers.

Department of Revenue spokesperson Patty Mayers reports Wisconsin homeowners received a larger Lottery and Gaming Credit on their property tax bills than last year...

"..This year the lottery credit jumped 15 percent. it went from an average of $160 last year to an average of $184 this year. That is due primarily to the fact the lottery had a good, solid year..."

Mayers says there were a couple large jackpots during the year that rang up more revenue. She says a man from Wisconsin won a large multi-state Powerball prize.

She says folks who don't play the lottery also get the credit...

"Whether you are playing or not you will qualify and get the credit on your property tax bill. It's just one of those things where there's a return whether you're playing or not..."

Overall, the Lottery Credit distributed more than $271 million to Wisconsin homeowners for property taxes levied in 2019. Last year, that figure was $236 million. Since 1988, the Wisconsin Lottery has provided over $4.6 billion in property tax relief to eligible Wisconsin homeowners.

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