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Make Sure You Send Your Taxes To The Right Place: Treasurer

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The celebration of the new year always ends, and with it comes the reality of paying your property taxes.

Area county treasurers hope you pay it in the right place.

The  treasurers of Oneida, Vilas and Lincoln counties recently issued a press release hoping taxpayers save themselves and the counties from a headache.

Osterman says you should NOT pay your property tax bill this month at the county offices..

"..We receive a lot of payments this time of year. A lot of them are made out to the correct treasurer which is your local treasurer right now, but they mail them to our(county treasurer) office(by mistake). Then we have to mail them over to the correct treasurer. It's going to delay your payment in getting to them..."

The first payment, be it in full or partial needs to go to your local municipal clerk, be it a city or town.

Osterman says she wants people to make sure they mail the right coupon on the tax bill to the proper clerk. She says they also get many people calling to see if they can pay their property taxes on line...

"...and they cannot do that with us(counties) this time. We shut ours online payment option off until after February 1 because that town treasurer has to receive that payment, not us. If we leave ours on, people tend to pay us, then we have to write the town a check and then send them that check and information, again, delaying your payment getting to your local treasurer..."

If you miss the payment deadline, or if you pay less than the amount due, Osterman says your taxes will be delinquent. You will be charged interest and possibly penalty each month on the total unpaid tax amount if you miss this initial payment to your local clerk-treasurer.