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Oneida County Considering 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

2nd_amend.png MadamJenny

Oneida county is considering becoming a 2nd Amendment sanctuary government.

A committee Thursday voted to have Corporation Counsel Brian Desmond take a look at the various proposals around the state and come back with a document they can amend.

The movement began as a reaction to possible state action to limit firearms. Sanctuary status is designed to allow local officials to not follow laws that might be passed that citizens would view as violating their right to bear arms.

Sheriff Grady Hartman said in rural northern Wisconsin, there's a high probability that people own guns for protection or hunting...

"..It's kind of a symbolic gesture. Many times I think Madison politicians forget about us north of pick a highway...8, or 10 or 29. Often times we're forgotten about and it sends a message...."

Hartman says he does support the concept of it. He says he was concerned when Governor Evers talked about mandatory gun buy-backs, which Hartman says is a "fancy word for gun confiscation".

Corporation Counsel Brian Desmond says he is a gun owner. He says the constitutionality of the laws will likely be determined by the courts and not local governments...

"...The governments make laws, and as you know those go up through the courts to determine if the're valid or not...the c constitutionality of a law is not something that is determined at a local level..."

The committee asked Desmond to look at the many resolutions that have been discussed at other local governments and come back next month with a resolution they could amend. At that point it might be moved on to the full county board. This week Merrill  passed a resolution making the city a sanctuary.

The Town of St. Germain is looking at holding a referendum before having a vote.

Florence county has already approved sanctuary status.

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