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Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Files Ethics Charges Against Democrats

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is filing complaints about alleged political donation discrepancies with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission concerning donations to Democrats. The campaign watchdog group is based in Madison.

Executive Director Matt Rothschild says they filed three complaints against Democrats...

"..Two of them in Wisconsin, one of them being the Wisconsin Democratic Party. The other is the Wisconsin State Democratic Committee. The third group is a national group, the Democratic National Campaign Committee, which is a corporation and corporations are now allowed to give up to $12,000 to (political) parties and legislative campaign committees..."

Rothschild says corporations are now allowed to give up to $12,000 to parties and legislative campaign committees. But he says that group, he alleges, gave three contributions of $12,000 to the state Senate Democratic Committee. He says another problem is recipients of money from the Democratic legislative campaign committee did not properly segregate the funds. He says when you get corporate donations they're supposed to segregate it into a restricted fund that can't be used for express advocacy or go to candidates. Rothschild says they allegedly didn't segregate that money donated by the national group in Washington.

Rothschild says corporate money was banned in Wisconsin until just a few years ago and to him there's a larger picture....

"We think it's obscene that corporations can give any money to political parties or legislative campaign committees in Wisconsin. We think it's an open invitation to corruption. But to those engaging that type of activity the least they can do is follow the letter of the law...."

We have a link to the report at here.

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