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State Administrator Explains REAL ID Requirements

Homeland Security

The administrator for the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles, Kristina Boardman, says as of October 1, the Transportation Safety Administration will have amended rules to get through the security checkpoints at the airport. She says on that day, you need to have an acceptable ID for travel.

Many people use their driver's licenses for identification...

"..Wisconsin DMV offers compliant products. What that means is there's a star in the upper right hand corner. You need to bring in some additional documentation to get that star. But people need to know that if they're used to using their driver's license or ID card to get through security at the airport it will need to have a star after October, 1..."

Boardman says there are alternatives.... "

If they don't feel that they will be flying or have other documentation and don't need to, it's nothing to worry about. The ID you have in your wallet is still valid for driving, it's still valid for voting. But we do want them to understand the impacts as of October 1..."

She says you can still vote without it... 

"If they have an ID card, they do not have to upgrade to a REAL ID for voting purposes. Whatever you have right now will work..."

Boardman says the best way to get the REAL ID is to go online to  WISCONSINDMV.GOV where there is a list of what is needed.

She says if you come in to upgrade to the REAL ID there's no additional fee when you renew. Customers who are outside their renewal period may obtain a REAL ID-compliant card for $14 (the cost of a duplicate driver license), or $16 for a duplicate ID card.

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