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Census Scammers Closely Follow The Real Event Warns Expert

U.S. Government

A state consumer spokesperson says where a federal program emerges, scammers aren't far behind. The latest one involves the U.S. Census.

Lara Sutherlin is administrator for the state Trade and Consumer Protection?? division. The Census begins on April 1. Forms arriving in the mail soon should be filled out.

Sutherlin says they're looking for census workers but the scammers see an opening.. 

"..trying to get people to pay money to apply for a U.S. Census job. You do not have to pay money to apply for a federal job--full stop, ever---they don't require you to do it. You can apply for a U.S. Census job at their website and that's the only play where you can apply for it...."

Sutherlin says there's a second Census scam where imposters come to your door pretending to be from the Census Bureau. If you don't fill out the forms that come in the mail, an authorized Census worker will stop by to fill out the forms in person. Sutherlin says be on the lookout for some warning signs...

"The federal government workers are going to have a badge with an ID number. That ID number can be checked at the regional office of the Census. A real census worker you can say, 'Let me see your badge' and you can ask to call the U.S. Census office to find out if you're a real census worker. If they're a real census worker they will say 'absolutely'..."

Sutherlin says an imposter will be asking questions that are not allowed...

"Census workers are only going to ask you some real basic questions. Who is living in your house, how they're related to one another, your race, your ethnicity. They're not going to ask you about your political persuasion. They're not going to ask you whether you're a citizen...they're absolutely not going to ask for your Social Security number or any money..."

We have a link to the official U.S. Census website here where you can get official information.

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