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Outdoor Tables Allowed On Railroad Street In Eagle River

Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

Parking on the east side of Railroad Street from Wall to Division to allow for tables and chairs for outdoor seating was approved recently by the Eagle River city council, with conditions.

Revitalization director Martha Geiseman told the council of nine businesses along the one block stretch five are in favor saying “anything we can do to get walking traffic onto Railroad Street.” Geiseman indicated the Warehouse was willing to help along with local businesses taking responsibility to police the area. Police chief Chris Dobbs reminded the council open alcohol outside a licensed tavern violates a current city ordinance since the Class B license is “strictly for the (establishment)” while Mayor Jeff Hyslop indicated “this is public property so you can't tell non-customers to move; it's available for everyone” adding “picnic benches would be easier to level than tables and chairs.” Also mentioned was the need for some type of barrier to separate the area from vehicle traffic going north on Railroad toward Division. Public works will look into it.

The council then adopted a motion to allow tables and chairs or benches on the east side of Railroad Street north of Wall Street for the summer of 2020 and into the fall but if it becomes unmanageable the chief of police can say “no more” and those businesses that have tables and chairs are in charge of their sanitation and not the city light & water or public works departments.

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