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Baldwin Urges Citizens To Back More Stimulus Spending

Citizen Action of Wisconsin

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin told a webinar audience this week that the nation's economy is likely to slowly rebound and more stimulus is needed, including a subsidized work program.

Baldwin says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to take up the HEROES Act, which would supply funds to laid off workers, support small businesses and help front-line healthcare workers. That measure passed the House.

Baldwin says the CARES Act which was passed, propped up many people from going under, and kept money going to small businesses. That bonus $600 on jobless benefits expires at the end of July.

She's introduced a bill to extend the extra money through the end of the year. She's advocating a federal-state jobs transition program....

"So I recently introduced the Jobs For Economic Recovery Act to support the economic recovery by immediately financing six months of wages and benefits for unemployed workers..."

Senator Baldwin says it's a win-win for workers and businesses as it makes it easier for a worker to transition into a job. She says this is a stronger approach to recovery than other methods. Baldwin urged voters to contact their Congressional members to urge for action to move new legislation forward.

Republicans are concerned about additional debt added if more stimulus programs are approved.

Baldwin spoke during awebinar sponsored by Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

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