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Most Canceled Events Require Refunds: Consumer Advocate

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The COVID-19 outbreak has canceled many planned activities. Under Wisconsin law, consumers are protected from losing most prepaid admissions fees for entertainment and sporting events held in Wisconsin.

When an event is cancelled or rescheduled, promoters are required to refund the admission price for many entertainment and sporting events. A state consumer advocate says while this law does not cover competitive sports activities between school teams or within established sports leagues, many of these event promoters are proactively posting refund policies on their websites.

Lara Sutherlin is administrator of the state Division of Trade and Consumer Protection. She says the law doesn't apply to big events like Packers and Bucks games, but it does for other events...

"But it does apply to concert events, plays, arts events and other events like that. If there is an event that has been canceled, and you would like a refund, within 90 of the event you can ask the event planner for a refund..."

If the event is postponed, rather than canceled, you can also ask for a refund within 30 days. Sutherlin says some exceptions to the refund law may include handling or service charges, parking charges, or any portion of the ticket price that is considered a nonrefundable charitable donation.

More information is on the DATCP website.

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