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Vilas County Considers Keeping Tennis Courts At Fairgrounds

Vilas County

The Vilas County Forestry, Recreation & Land committee supported the request of Eagle River on a split vote to deed the four tennis courts on the county fairgrounds to the Greater Eagle River Tennis Association (GERTA) with all expenses of surveying and deed registration paid for by them.

GERTA spokesperson, Sue Richmond, indicated their lease for the courts are up next year and “Eagle River does not want the courts to move” somewhere else. Richmond indicated they organize play and maintain the courts. “Resurfacing a court costs $60,000 with the option of an overlay at $26,000 and we don't want to stick this money into the courts if we are going to be kicked out,” Richmond said. “This is a lifelong sport and we would like to keep it going by deeding us the courts.”

Committee chair Holly Tomlanovich asked if they investigated other sites for their courts with Richmond saying they “looked at Oldenburg Sports Park and Northland Pines property” and felt the sports park “was out of public sight and the school property could accommodate four courts but not next to each other.”

County board chairman Ron DeBruyne indicated his mind has not changed. “We agreed to move other users off the fairgrounds property to free up the space,” DeBruyne said. “If Eagle River wants the courts they should put them behind city hall.”

Richmond said their group would pay for any survey needs and transfer and recording expenses. They agree that should GERTA go out of existence, the deed should indicate the area returns to the county. On a 5-1 vote the committee recommended transfer. The subject will be debated by the county public property committee with any positive recommendation submitted to the full county board.

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