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Federal Dollars For Medicare Still Available-Kane


People just above the poverty line and soon to be bounced off BadgerCare will be informed that the money to fund the additional program benefits is still available.

The recently-signed state budget doesn't include money offered by the federal government to fund BadgerCare for people close, but just above, the federal poverty line.

But Kevin Kane from Citizen Action Wisconsin says there will be an effort to let people know that the money rejected by Governor Walker is still available from the federal government...

'....their going to be told that it's not the Affordable Care Act's fault that healthcare isn't unaffordable, it's the state government's fault..."

Kane says the perception is once the Walker administration rejected the federal dollars that was it. He says that isn't the case...

"....these federal dollars...we can take them tomorrow, next month, next budget, etc. It's just a question of how long they can hold out until we take these federal dollars. From the hospitals, to the doctors to the Chambers of Commerce...this is what they want, they know it's important...."


Persons below the level will get BadgerCare, but 85,000 people currently eligible will not get further benefits. Those folks will be moved to the new exchanges set up under what's called Obamacare.

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