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Careful In The Heat For Lung and Heart Patients


People with lung-related health problems really have a hard time in heat and humidity. An official from the Wisconsin chapter of the American Lung Association says people with lung conditions should take extra precautions.

Dona Wininesky says it's not so much the heat and humidity as it is the byproducts of those conditions...


"...for example, heat and sunlight contribute to ozone...and so on days like this when the temperatures are high and the sun is beating down, we see the ozone levels increase and that can be very irritating to any person who has a lung disease....


Particles in the air trapped by the hot and humid condition can also be dangerous for anyone with a heart disease. Wininskee says the Lung Association advice is don't cheat on your treatment protocols....


"....if you have asthma and you have an asthma control program, follow that to the letter. Use your preventative medicines, use your inhalers if you feel any kind of symptoms. Also, stay away from the problems. Spend as much time as you can indoors or anyplace that is air conditioned...."

Wininskee says people who work outside should consider, if possible, waiting until the later part of the day to do outside activities as the pollutants in the air tend to go down as the daytime temperature falls.

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