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Building Resources For New Moms

Mothers-to-be have a chance to learn more about breastfeeding resources. The Northwoods Breastfeeding Coalition is hosting several educational sessions this week. Cheri Nemec is a dietician who works with the Wisconsin WIC program and the Great Lakes Intertribal Council. She says a lot of moms plan to breastfeed, but may switch to formula if they start to worry about whether they’re doing it right.


“That’s a big thing for a lot of moms, is that you can’t necessarily see how much the baby is getting, so there are other things you have to look for in terms of whether the baby is getting enough. Whereas with a bottle there’s a line, you can see that the baby is getting four ounces. So a lot of times moms are really nervous about whether their baby is getting enough.”


Nemec says the sessions are designed to address those kinds of concerns, and she says the benefits of breastfeeding over formula are worth it. She says it helps babies fight off infection, and has a longterm effect on health.



“Our big one that we always talk about is obesity. Breast-fed babies tend to be less obese as they grow, which is definitely a national priority not just a local priority. And for moms there’s a lower risk of cancer as they age as well.”


Nemec says the sessions are also open to physicians, social workers, or anyone who works with new moms. There are two sessions Wednesday at St Mary’s Hospital in Rhinelander, and two on Thursday at Howard Young Medical Center in Woodruff.

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