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Health Insurance Purchasers Will Find Choices, Come October

Daniel Oines

Northwoods residents looking to buy health insurance will have options when it comes to choosing a plan on the health marketplace.  That’s according to a report from progressive advocacy group Citizen Action of Wisconsin. 

It ranks the Rhinelander Metro area in the 4th tier for healthcare choice…with 3 insurance companies offering plans via the forthcoming health exchange.  Tied in that category are Milwaukee, La Crosse and Superior.  Madison and Fond du Lac will have the highest number of providers to choose from…with 6 companies offering coverage.  Citizen Action Executive Director Robert Kraig says he’s pleased with the level of choice available to consumers.

“We’re excited that there’s gonna be this much competition, this much choice, and it really is a step forward for healthcare freedom in Wisconsin and the whole country.”

Kraig argues that though the new system has drawn criticism from many state legislators, it will expand access for those who currently can’t afford care.

“Look there have been a lot of negative information put out, a lot of scare tactics; but look, we’re about to have enrollment October 1st. And people are gonna have a lot of choices who don’t have access [to] good health insurance options today because of the Affordable Care Act. And this makes it really concrete, like how many insurance companies, how many plans are you gonna have in every part of Wisconsin.”heal

Kraig also notes each insurance company must offer at least two levels of coverage.  In addition two more major companies are planning to join the insurance marketplace in 2015. Details on insurance rates are still under wraps.  Enrollment begins October 1st, and coverage begins January 1st.

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