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Drivers: Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Deer

As the nights grow longer, greater numbers of drivers may be hitting deer.

JP Wieske  is spokesman for the Offices of the Insurance Commissioner.  He says drivers need to pay attention, because this time of year is especially risky. 

“I think the main reason is the activity of the deer. There’s a lot of travel, it’s getting darker, but also there’s a lot more deer activity at this time of year.”

Wieske says animal collisions are a significant expense for insurance companies.  He says deer hits were up last year.

“Last year we saw some pretty significant – we saw an increase in about five percent over 2011. About 18,895 collisions in the state of Wisconsin.”

To avoid hitting a deer, slow down if you see one and use your horn. 

If you do hit a deer, Wieske  says don’t leave your vehicle, call the police and make sure your car is out of the way of traffic.  

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