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Quit Smoking for Smoke Out Day

Thomas Leuthard

Quit smoking for a day, and see if you can stick with it.  

That’s the message from the American Cancer Society for the Great American Smoke Out Thursday.  On this day the organization encourages smokers nationwide to quit the habit for a single day…or use it to jump start their plans to quit permanently.

Spokeswoman Diane Hapka in Lake Tomahawk says it’s not easy. 

“It is very difficult for people to quit. But it is something that we try to have people do at least for that one day.”

Hapka says smoking causes lung cancer – and not just among smokers themselves. 

“Smoking accounts for about 80 percent of lung cancer deaths. However lung cancer among people who never smoked – still ranks in the top ten causes of cancer deaths in the United States.”

The American Cancer Society says the benefits of quitting smoking start the first day you quit.  One of the first changes is the carbon monoxide level in the blood returns to normal…twelve hours after a cigarette. 

More information at the American Cancer Society website.  

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