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Snow-Blocked Vents Mean CO Danger

Aliazimi via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Snow-in-Maryland-Feb-09.JPG

With a cold snap hitting the Northwoods this weekend it can take some effort to keep your car and heating systems up and running. 

WPS Spokesperson Leah Van Zile says outdoor maintenance is important to make sure your heating appliances are working properly…especially with newer high-efficiency furnaces that vent out the side of the house. 

“For any of your vented appliances, your natural gas or vented appliances – be sure that those are kept free of ice and snow buildup.”

A blocked vent can create problems with natural gas heating, and even cause a buildup of carbon monoxide in the house.  Van Zile says too much ice and snow can also damage meters.

“So as we start to get more snow and ice buildup, and you’re taking care of your property, also remember to keep your meters free and clear of ice and snow buildup as well.”

WPS says it has plenty of natural gas and electricity to supply customers this winter.  This week’s winter storm resulted in few power outages.    

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