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Walker Says He Has Option to Obamacare

Ken Krall-WXPR

Wisconsin could be offering a health care option that is outside the realm of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare.

During a stop in Rhinelander last week, Governor Scott Walker said he's been talking to the federal government to have Wisconsin residents get another option outside of the Affordable Care Act protocols.....


"....to allow people from our state who qualify for subsidies to reach out and be able to purchase qualified health plans outside of the exchanges. Many counties, particularly here in northern Wisconsin, there are more plans outside the exchange that are qualified than are in. it just makes sense for people to get that, plus it would relieve the burden on the federal website...."

He says the alternative would allow applicants to apply through and agent....


"....so we're hopeful, working with the Obama administration we can get this done. It's a viable alternative...."

The direct purchase plan for the uninsured offered by Walker would need approval from the federal Health and Human Services department.

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