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Bill Would Make E-Cigarettes Legal In Bars, Restaurants


A bill in the Wisconsin Senate would update the language in Wisconsin's statewide smoking ban to make electronic cigarettes legal in public places. An e-cigarette is a device operated by a battery where the user inhales a water vapor. The user also inhales nicotine in the draw. The devices don't have the restrictions of tobacco cigarettes, which are banned in public places.

Oneida County Public Health Tobacco Coordinator Niki Kostrova says the feds have not yet approved them as a smoking cessation device....


"...the bill passed in 2010 did not necessarily destinguish in definite terms whether e-cigarettes could be used indoors. It was left up to the establishment owner as far as allowing them. I know most of them do allow them indoors at this time. But this legislation would make it very clear that they would be allowed...."

Kostrova says there hasn't been much research done on e-cigs and the side effects. She says because the devices are not F.D.A. approved as smoking cessation devices, they can't recommend them as safe. She also says besides nicotine, other chemicals are included...


"....di-ethlyene glycol is an ingredient found in anti-freeze that has been found in the devices. There's also safety side effects. I know there have been reports that some of them have exploded while people are using them...."

State Senator Glenn Grothman's bill would clarify the use of electronic cigarettes in bars and restaurants.

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