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Flu Hitting Younger Adults

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Flu cases are rampant in Wisconsin and locally this time of year.  The state ranks as one of the lowest in the country in terms of vaccination rates. 

Oneida County Health Department Director Linda Conlon says officials are seeing higher rates of incidence for young and middle aged adults.  That’s because the most common strain this year is the H1N1 swine flu.

“That strain does attack certain populations. And as the year goes one, we will probably see another 1-2 peaks in the rates of influenza infection.”

The Oneida County health department reports just 23 percent of county residents are vaccinated.  That’s similar to rates in past years, but Conlon says it’s still important for more people to get the flu shot. 

“This year the influenza is a great match to the circulating vaccine. It does not cause influenza or flu – and it does protect you against certain strains that are circulating currently.”

There have been six hospitalizations in Oneida and Vilas County this year due to flu. 

In December two schools closed briefly due to high rates of flu-like illness.  

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