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NRB Changes Classifications For Invasives


For the first time, the possibility of preventing invasive species from entering into Wisconsin has been approved. The Natural Resources Board voted to approve revisions to the state's invasive species rule known  as NR40. The revisions include listing of additional species and delisting of currently regulated species under the state's Invasive Species Identification, Classification and Control rule.

The DNR's Dreux Watermolen says there are two categories, including prohibited and  restricted. Restricted species are those already found in the state and may be more widespread. Eradication is improbable but the spread can still be managed. He says prohibited species are those they would like to keep out...

".....species that are not yet found in Wisconsin or are found here in very low numbers and in isolated places where we have an opportunity to eradicate them. So by listing species as prohibited. What we're attempting to do is prevent the introduction of those invasive species into Wisconsin...."

One revision includes changing the status of the Emerald Ash Borer from prohibited to restricted. Currently, the beetle responsible for the destruction of tens of thousands of ash trees in Wisconsin is classified as a prohibited species. Since the first discovery of EAB in Wisconsin in 2008, and its listing as a prohibited species in 2009, it has spread to 19 counties, including Oneida,  prompting a proposal to change the EAB regulatory status to restricted.

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