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Watch Out For Unsafe Christmas Toys


Health officials are cautioning parents to think about the safety aspects of the toy you purchase for children.

Oneida County Public Health Nurse Dawn Klink says make sure you buy age appropriate toys and that the toys have been tested so it meets safety standards. She says be especially careful concerning toys for the youngest children...

"....anything that can be swallowed or have pieces that can come off and be swallowed and therefore be a choking hazard. Balloons are not good either. because when they pop they become small and become a choking hazard...."

Avoid toys that have sharp edges and points, or are made of thin, brittle plastic that can break into small, jagged pieces; inspect art materials such as crayons and paint sets Klink says avoid toys with magnets in this age group. She says older kids need to be taught not to give toys meant for them to younger kids.
She says all shooting toys can cause serious injury.

More information is on the Oneida County Health Department website.

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