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Official: Don't Take Chances In The Cold


Dangerously cold weather has returned to the Northwoods and a state Emergency Management official says you shouldn't take the extreme cold for granted.

The National Weather Service says  wind chill indices in the 35 to 45 below range are likely by Wednesday morning. Frostbite on exposed skin could happen in as little as 15 minutes..

Division of Emergency Management spokesperson Tod Pritchard says being safe and warm isn't always fashionable...

"....don't make a fashion statement, get out your big old Wisconsin hat, the super-heavy duty gloves, boots, all that kind of stuff and cover up as much as you can...."

Pritchard says don't assume your car will operate perfectly and have an emergency kit in  your vehicle that includes a blanket, extra clothing, food and a cell phone adapter. He says be wary about carbon monoxide especially from vents from high-efficiency furnaces that are clogged by snow. He says also be extra cautious for your pets, as they are as susceptible to frostbite as humans. Bring them inside until the weather warms.

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