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Poster Contest Gives Children Insight To Mental Health


A group of parents and professionals dedicated to promoting children’s mental health, known as The Children’s Mental Health Matters Coalition, is teaming up with community partners throughout Wisconsin for a youth poster contest.

Jackie Baldwin is a parent-peer specialist for Wisconsin Family Ties, a non-profit organization providing support and education for families who have children with emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. Baldwin says the poster contest leads up to Children's Mental Health Awareness Week and day on Thursday, May 5 in Madison....

"....the contest is called "My Feelings Matter" poster contest...that's the theme of the contest so children become aware that their mental health is so important. It's part of their entire health...."

Baldwin says teachers, parents and caregivers may use this activity as a way to encourage youth to create art about their feelings and to conduct age appropriate conversations about the importance of mental health. Baldwin says the posters help kids express their feelings...

"....create this poster that is demonstrative of what their feelings might be. Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad, all the different feelings that someone might have...."

In past years there has been one winner from Northland Pines School District and Hurley School District. More information is available at the websitewisconsinknowschildrensmentalhealthmatters or you may contact Jackie Baldwin at 715-605-2097.

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