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SafeRide Program Not Just For New Year's Eve

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Law enforcement officials say a drunk driving arrest can cost a driver $10,000 when all the costs associated with the arrest are factored in.

An Oneida County Tavern League spokesperson says the popular 'SafeRide Home' program has proven successful. Patrons at Tavern League establishments ask the bartender for a voucher and the patron gets a free ride home. Aaron Schultz of  Big Daddy's in Rhinelander is the local coordinator.

He says this weekend highlights the program, but it is a program being used year round..

"....on an average month we take care of 400 people. We give out about 300 rides every month.For the Oneida County Tavern League, I go out and write a check to Rapid Cab every month for between $2,000-$2,500 bucks..."

Schultz says it's a way to be safe and enjoy yourself...

"....this is just the most fantastic way where you can have your cake and eat it too...you can go out, have fun and not have to worry about getting a ticket...."

Funding for the program comes from local fundraising and also grants from the state. Part of the fine money from drunk driving arrests goes to the SafeRide Home program. Schultz says the state Tavern League went to the legislature to get more money into the state program because it proved to be so successful.

There are several other SafeRide programs in the Northwoods.

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