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Oneida, Vilas Forest Counties Plan Major Health Effort

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Public health agencies in Oneida, Vilas and Forest counties and tribal departments are collaborating on a comprehensive,long-term health plan for the Northwoods.

The plan addresses a number of issues, but as Oneida County Community Health Specialist Christie Oestreich three areas of concern stand out..

".....we want to look at AODA, or alcohol and other drug abuse, mental health and chronic diseases. Those are the three health areas that came out. As we were interviewing people and looking at the data, we're also going to look at health equity, increasing access to care, and increasing life across the whole lifespan....."

She says the plan will focus on certain age groups. She says the health agencies are looking at strategies to reach the goals they have laid out....

"....we ask the public to provide input, or if they want to get involved, (such as) mental health or chronic disease, something they're really passionate about, they can contact the health department and we can get them in touch with our area coalitions working on each of those areas. We're more than happy to listen to it...."

Oestrich says the plan is closely linked to the state's Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 plan, also known as Everyone Living Better Longer. Contact your local public health office for more information.

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