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Rep. Duffy Talks Healthcare During Northwoods Stops


Congressman Sean Duffy(R-Wausau) was in the Northwoods Thursday and healthcare was a key topic. During a stop in Crandon,

Duffy was asked about several points of the Affordable Care Act which Duffy has consistently voted against. He says Congress is still looking at options. He says he doesn't think the bipartisan deal worked out this week will happen, and he still favors block grants to states....

"...what kind of reform do we get? Do we get rid of the individual mandate, the employer mandate? Can we block grant money to the state so we have more state control? If this is a very 'skinny' deal on reform, but large payments to the Obamacare exchanges, I don't think that is going to fly. We're different in Wisconsin than people in California, New York or Mississippi. Let us do our own thing. If we do that, we'll be pretty close to a deal...."

Audio courtesy WJFW TV.

In Rhinelander Thursday, Joel Lewis of the pro-Affordable Care Act group Citizen Action of Wisconsin appeared to stump for a state proposal giving a public option to BadgerCare...

"....I do agree with Duffy about giving the state's more power here. In Wisconsin we do have that ability with the BadgerCare public option. Obviously we differ on the block grant idea, I'm not a big fan of that and neither is Citizen Action of Wisconsin. However, I do agree that the state has the ability to stop the recent pain from President Trump's executive orders..."

Duffy made stops in Eagle River, Crandon and Florence on Thursday.

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