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Winter's Cold Means Pets Need Attention Too

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The first snow of the season is also a reminder to pet owners that cold weather affects our pets too...

"....people with pets should remember if it's too cold outside for them, it's probably too cold outside for their pets. Just because pets have fur does not mean they don't get cold. Animals are just as susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia as we are..."

That's Oneida County Humane Society Assistant Director Karen Norling.

She has other tips you can do to keep animals from the effects of the cold....

".....first, keep your pet indoors. If it's not a pet that can live indoors or a farm animal, make sure they have plenty of shelter and a good amount of straw to keep them insulated and cozy warm. Plenty of food and water to help them keep their heat up. Sometimes the animals need even more food in the winter just to help keep their body temperature up...."

Norling says they often see cats who are outdoors too long in the cold and have frostbitten ears or their paw pads freeze...

"....when you're walking your pets this winter, make sure to check their feet after your walk. Make sure to wash their feet and get all the excess salt and make sure there are no cuts on their feet. The salt can be very irritating to their feet. They make coats for your dogs, they work great...."

Norling says to make sure your pet doesn't fall through thin ice this winter as they can quickly become a victim of hypothermia.

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