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WPS Reminds Hunters To Watch For Carbon Monoxide


Officials have cautioned the public about carbon monoxide in homes as we fire up our furnaces this heating season. But a Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson says one place that could prove deadly is recreational: the hunting shack.

Spokesperson Matt Cullen says cold shelters and fossil-fuel heaters can become a problem..

. "....what we want to remind them is that an inspection can help them determine if a heating system inside their hunting shelter is operating correctly so they can avoid a buildup of carbon monoxide inside that heating system...."

Cullen says check all the venting on the system...

"...A heating system should be kept clear and all flammables should be kept clear of the heating system. Also, it's important to check vents and flues so they can be kept clear of any animal nests or debris that possibly had gotten into those vents and flues...."

Carbon monoxide is the result of inefficient burning of fuel. Cullen says even a hunting cabin or shack should have some sort of carbon monoxide detector.

With the gun-deer season approaching, Cullen also cautions hunters to be aware of power lines and electric distribution equipment near hunting grounds. He says hunting should not take place near these facilities, as a stray shot could damage equipment and cause an interruption in electric service.

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