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Badgercare Option Still In Limbo In Madison

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The advocacy group Citizen Action of Wisconsin late last week released it's annual report on regional health insurance costs.

Executive Director Robert Kraig says the report shows the hyperinflation before the passage of the Affordable Care Act and the lessening of inflation after A.C.A. went into effect..

"...healthcare hyperinflation has slowed dramatically in the large group market since passage. It certainly is not fair to say the the Affordable Care Act has increased costs..."

Kraig says among the key findings are hyperinflation in health insurance is a long term trend, the rates for large groups are increasing for large groups faster than medium and small groups, there are also regional cost differences. Kraig says political tinkering by the federal government has led to increases in the rates, especially in small and medium programs.

Kraig again called attention to bills that would allow anyone in Wisconsin to buy into Badgercare, saying from their view, it would lower costs to consumers...

".let people who buy insurance on their own or small employers buy into it at cost so there's no additional cost to the state and it would be very dramatic. The small group market people would save an average of $1,700 in premiums and deductibles a year and for people buying insurance on their own it would be 4,400 less...."

The report says someone in the Rhinelander area would pay almost $1,200 less if the Badgercare Public Option were enacted,  but no hearings have been scheduled in the legislature.

U.S. Congressman Ron Kind from LaCrosse said as part of President Trump's vow to end Obamacare, he ended the cost-sharing reduction payments which Kind says is driving up premium prices.

He says Congressional inaction has hurt consumers...

"....costs of prescription drugs is one of the main cost drivers in the health care system. Congress is doing absolutely nothing on this front, even though President Trump during the campaign promised to take action and yet nothing is taking place...."

The full report is at the Citizen Action of Wisconsin website.

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