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A Carbon Dioxide Detector Could Save Your Life

Wikimedia Commons Fastily

Safety experts always remind the public about the time we move our clocks back each fall to also check the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Those detectors are particularly important this time of year as furnaces and fireplaces get activated.

Rebecca Lohagen of Oneida County Public Health talks about carbon monoxide...

"...We want to let everyone know that you should have your heat system properly checked and you should have a carbon monoxide detector. You should have a detector in your home..."

Lohagen says be sure you have a carbon monoxide detector, and have your furnace or wood burner inspected each year. She says use common sense...

"If you're using any kind of propane heater, make sure you're not using that inside your home. If you're using it a tent or cabin, make sure you have a battery-powered detector to check on those levels...."

With hunting seasons here, Lohagen says your cabin should also have a detector. Many times people heat with propane heaters which can be deadly. She says never run your car in an enclosed space and keep all generators at least 20 feet from your home. On average, carbon monoxide poisoning sends about 500 Wisconsin residents to the emergency room each year.

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