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Nine Lakeland Area Students Get Dr. Henry Ashe Scholarships

Ascension Health Care

Nine area students working toward degrees in healthcare have been given scholarships by the Volunteers of Howard Young Medical Center. College students were awarded $2,000 while two $1,500 scholarships were presented to graduating seniors at Lakeland Union High School. Two $1,000 non-traditional scholarships were presented to Nicolet College. T

he Volunteer Coordinator at Howard Young Medical Center, Kathy Viergutz,  says Dr. Henry Ashe Continuing Education Scholarships are given to who are given to the graduates of the Lakeland High School area...

"...The requirements are they are to have completed one semester of schooling and they have to be going into the medical field to be able to apply for this scholarship...."

Viergutz says the usual procedure was six scholarships, but because of a larger number of more qualified students, more scholarships were awarded. She says last year they gave out the largest number of awards totaling 10. She says persons awarded the scholarships are reviewed in a number of areas..

"They include their transcripts in the application. They include reference checks. The committee looks at any volunteering they might do, basically how active they are in the community and what they may have done during their time at Lakeland Union..."

The Volunteers of Howard Young Medical Center have provided $124,000 over the last seven years to college students, Lakeland Union High School students and non -traditional scholarships to Nicolet College. Dr. Henry Ashe was instrumental in establishing the Lakeland area's first medical clinic

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