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Marshfield Clinic Offers Medically-Supervised Weight Loss


This time of the year finds many people hoping to drop a few, or many, pounds toward a healthier lifestyle.

Marshfield Clinic in Minocqua  is offering a program that a spokesperson says provides a medically-supervised weight loss that takes the pounds off quickly.

Nutrition educator Renee Trapp says Marshfield Clinic has been using the HMR Weight-Loss program for 34 years. Trapp says the fast results help patients, but it's coupled with a secondary goal...

"...With this program we teach you to make a lifestyle change in order to maintain that weight loss. Our patients will learn the importance of exercise, fruits and vegetables and a low-fat diet. With this program we do have classes that go along the program. Typically, it's a 13-week program and patients do come in-clinic once a week for an hour-and-a-half class...."

Trapp says program provides the jump start many people need when beginning a healthier lifestyle program. She says the HMR foods, exercise and support provide a combination that helps patients succeed. She says there's two programs. One program find patients losing 50 pounds in three months, while the second program finds an average of about 30 pounds lost.

For information on Marshfield Clinic’s HMR program in Minocqua call 715-358-1036, or Wausau at 715-847-3882.

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