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96 Percent Of Area Tobacco Retailers Compliant With Law

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A noticeable increase in the number of retailers in Oneida county who are complying with Wisconsin's law concerning selling tobacco to minors has been reported.

The Oneida County Health Department and the Northwoods Tobacco-Free Coalition conduct random checks at retail outlets to see if they sell tobacco products to underage people.

Community Health Specialist Maria Otterholt says they found a wide majority of retailers are compliant with the law...

"...Oneida county is happy to report we're at our lowest rate of non-compliance in quite a while. In 2019 we're all the way down to 4 percent. That means only 4 percent of our businesses sold tobacco to a minor. Last year we were at 11.5 percent. We've had quite the drop this year. I think retailers are taking it seriously and taking the time to educate themselves on all the tobacco and nicotine products that are for sale and making sure they stay out of the hands of minors..."

Otterholt says they randomly check any type of retailers be it a resort, bowling alley or store. Otterholt says the Health Department will train retailers and employees for free on site or they can go online to wi.tobaccocheck.org

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