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It Causes Cancer And It Could Be In The Air In Your Home

National Institutes of Health

There's a naturally-forming gas in this part of the country that can have health consequences if it's in your home at high enough levels.

January is National Radon Action Month. Health officials, like Oneida County Community Health Specialist Maria Otterholt says, this gas affects one-in-ten Wisconsin homes....

"...Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas that can sometimes get into a person's home by leaking in from the ground or the soil beneath the basement. The hard part of radon is you can't see it, smell it, and it can cause cancer. It's a scary one to think about...."

She says this time of the year is a problem because homes are sealed tight for the winter. She says testing kits are available for homeowners to use...

"...So we have test kits available at the Oneida County Health Department. You can stop in any day of the week. They're on a discount for the month of January For $10 you can get a kit, put it in your home for a couple of days and see if radon is an issue for you....."

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among people who are non-smokers.

If radon is found in your home, Otterholt says there are more than 100 licensed professionals in Wisconsin who are trained to deal with the issue. Contact the Oneida County Health Department for more information, (715)-369-6111.

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