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Legislators Propose Closing 'Ghost Gun' Loophole

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Two Democrats have proposed a bill that closes a loophole that allows making a functional gun from parts you can find on the Internet or other places.

State Senator Jon Erpenbach and Representative Diane Hesselbein, both of Middleton, are proposing closing a loophole in the law.

One year ago a gunman opened fire in a Middleton workplace using a pieced-together weapon sometimes called a 'ghost gun'. Senator Erpenbach explains...

"...It's a gun that's made out of piece people would get whether it's on the Internet or wherever. You piece together a working gun that isn't traceable. No serial number. You can avoid background checks and things like that.."

The Middleton gunman was legally barred from owning a firearm, but put together the weapon from parts purchased from various places. Erpenbach says the bill would up the consequences for using this type of gun...

"..If somebody uses a 'ghost gun' in a crime, obviously it would be a felony. The idea of anybody's who tries to buy and piece together a gun like that would be another felony as well...."

Erpenbach says the effort is also to shine a light on the 'ghost gun' issue on the anniversary of the shooting in Middleton. He says he's heard from law enforcement that they support the bill.

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