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UPCAP Survey Asks Programs U.P. Seniors Want Virtually


Upper Peninsula senior citizens are asked to complete a survey to help the Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress (UPCAP) shape its programming via a health, wellness, and technology survey.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, UPCAP’s programming is going online and virtual.

Spokesperson Della Juliano says they've provided many opportunities for U.P. seniors, but all were in-person. Then COVID-19 came along, and in following health guidelines they need to take a new direction...

"We are not offering classes in person any more, so we have to go virtual. This is new for us and new for a lot of people. We want to step back and take a look to see what people want..."

The survey will help determine what future programs U.P. seniors are interested in, as well as the technology they might use to access the programming. The survey goes through July 17. She says it can be done online...

"It's a really quick survey, only 23 questions. People can go go our website which is www.upcap.org,,,"

There's  have another link here.

If you know someone not hooked up to the internet, they should  call 2-1-1 toll free during business hours. All answers are confidential. She says they've contacted about 2,000 individuals in all 15 counties of the UP to ask them to take the online survey, as well as businesses and agencies that work with older adults.

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