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Alcohol tax revenues jump in Wisconsin during pandemic


Coping with the stress of the pandemic may have led some to drink excessively.

Hard liquor sales increased more than 40-percent in 2021, according to the Wisconsin Policy Forum.

They reported almost 17% more alcohol tax revenue in 2021's fiscal year than in 2020's.

It's marked as the sharpest increase in half a century.

Binge drinking is considered one of the leading public health challenges in the state.

Rachael Frederick MSW, LCSW, Aspirus Health Clinical Therapist warned binge drinkers to find a balance.

"There are certain things that our bodies need to be healthy. You wouldn't put diesel in a gasoline car and expect things to go well. A lot of times we put things in our body hoping things with come out okay," Frederick said, "Anything done to excess can be problematic."

Health experts said anything in excess can end up being a problem and to consider putting down the booze.

Frederick also warned parents about binge drinking in front of their kids who will mimic their habits.

Good habits like healthy eating, exercising, and taking breaks from screen time can keep stress down.

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