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Take precautions for hot and humid day on tap for Tuesday in Wisconsin


We don’t get many days like this in the Northwoods.

Tuesday’s forecast calls for temperatures in the 90s and heat index values nearing 100 for most of our area.

Price County will be under a heat advisory starting at 11:00 Tuesday morning. Heat index values up to 103 degrees are expected.

If you can manage it, you should avoid being outside during the hottest point of the day.

It doesn’t take long in these conditions for the heat to start impacting your health.

While the most severe cases of heat-related illnesses are among babies and older adults, it’s people between the ages of 15 to 34 that end up in the ER in higher numbers of because it.

“They can absolutely impact your health by worsening asthma or causing heat stress. Things that people really want to be on the lookout for is symptoms. Like they may start to feel overheated, maybe weak, dizzy, nauseous or having some muscle cramping. They could be starting to experience some heat illness,” said Kyla Waksmonski, a community health specialist with the Oneida County Health Department.

The best way to avoid heat illness is take the proper precautions.

Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, stay where it’s air conditioned if possible, and if you need to be outside try to do so in the morning or late evening.

If you do feel yourself over-heat, a cool bath or shower can help bring your body temperature down.

“If symptoms don’t improve calling 911 or seeing a doctor should definitely be the next step,” said Waskmonski.

Waksmonski encourages people to check on their neighbors and loved ones, especially if the person is elderly or lives on their own.

You should also be mindful of inside your car.

“We don’t want to ever leave a child, a person with a disability, an elderly person, or a pet in a parked car, even for a short time,” she said. “On an 80-degree day, the temperature inside a car can reach 100 degrees or higher in less than 10 minutes.”

According to the Department of health Services, in 2020, 689 people went to the emergency department, 67 people were hospitalized, and seven people died in Wisconsin due to heat-related causes.

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