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Shelters seeing more pets dropped off over cost concerns for owners

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Area shelters are seeing pet owners' surrendering their animals because they can't afford to keep them.

Shelters across central Wisconsin said this is not an isolated incident as they report more voluntary surrenders than expected.

Areas like Lincoln county said they were seeing their typical range of animals for the season, but the reasoning has changed.

More pet owners are bringing animals they can not afford to take care of as the rising cost of everyday items controls people's wallets.

"As inflation continues prices for the vet (veterinarians) go up too, so they are paying more for supplies " Liz Friedenfels, Manager for the Lincoln County Humane Society said. "We are seeing a lot more animals coming in saying he was injured I couldn't afford to get him help or the cat's pregnant I can't afford to get her spayed."

Pet food, medical services and collars are all adding up for pet owners.

The Langlade humane society said they would see a voluntary surrender once or twice every three to four months.

Now they are seeing upwards of a dozen in the same time period.

"We have a lot of people that don't even bring their animals here they just let them loose," Theresa Michels Manager, Langlade County Humane Society said.

Friedenfels recommends pet owners consider pet insurance as a way to keep costly trips to the vet low.

Shelter Officials said for anyone interested in helping out consider donating food or even sponsoring an animal to get spayed or neutered.

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