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Digging Into Mining Ordinances

Iron County residents have a chance to brush up on their understanding of local zoning ordinances that regulate mining.  The Iron County Citizen’s Forum is hosting speaker George Meyer, executive director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Foundation and former secretary of the state’s Department of Natural Resources.  Terry Daulton with the Iron County Citizen’s Forum says it will help inform people about how communities deal with mining activities.

“It’s kind of to get folks up to speed on what kinds of things ought to go into an ordinance like this. And also to help us understand where there’s opportunities for public input and public opinions as to what ought to be in our iron county ordinance.”

That ordinance would apply to the mining of metals.  Current county regulations only address nonmetallic kinds of mining like sand or gravel. 

George Meyer will speak June 27th.  A public hearing on a proposed Iron County ordinance is scheduled for a few days later, July 1st.  Ashland County passed a similar regulation last week. 

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