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Lincoln, Langlade Tornadoes Were Weak

Jonas Rogowski(wikimedia commons)

A meteorologist says the tornadoes that touched down in Lincoln and Langlade counties this week were weak twisters.

Ashley Wolf is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Green Bay describes a line of storms starting in Lincoln county last Tuesday as "mini-supercells". She says those storms are nowhere near as powerful as the storms in Oklahoma. But they have rotation and can cause damage...

"...the first touchdown was at 2:39 p.m. just south of Irma. It continued on a track for 28 miles, but it wasn't on the ground the whole time. It kind of did this 'skipping' thing...."

The storm were classified as E-F Zero tornadoes with winds from 65 to 85 miles per hour. From Irma it moved to Gleason, then was spotted near the intersection of county roads "C" and "H" near Deerbrook....

".....so it was a pesky little storm. We did have the funnel cloud, so it never lifted back into the clouds. It was the same tornado, just on and off the ground..."

A stronger storm near Oconto Tuesday night wrecked a mobile home, damaged power lines and blew off roofs. That tornado was classified as an E-F-One.

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