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DNR Says, Help a Songbird Out

Dick Daniels

Early fall marks the annual migration of songbirds as they begin to pass through Wisconsin, heading south for the winter.  

The Department of Natural Resources says homeowners can help the warblers, thrushes and other songbirds on their arduous journey by helping supply food sources and habitat.  Wildlife Biologist Ryan Brady says small backyard changes can actually make a big difference.             

“The great thing with songbird migration is they don’t use really specialized habitat. So right in our backyards there’s a lot of ways we can help improve their situation as those birds are migrating south.”

Brady says bird feeders are helpful, but property owners can do more long term by planting berries or fruit trees.

“There’s all sorts of native trees, and that’s the thing you want to focus on is that you’re not buying nonnative fruit trees. And those will often be really good magnets of bird activity this time of year. Of course you can complement that with providing bird feeders of different types – but the more you can diversify that, the more you’re gonna attract.”

Brady says songbirds also need water sources, as well as places to stop and rest…so brushy areas or dense vegetation can be helpful. 

The DNR will be hosting an online chat to answer questions about songbird migration at noon on September 12th.  

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