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Opening Day for Wolf Hunting

Herbert Lange

Wolf hunting season opens Tuesday.  

About 2500 people have been awarded permits to harvest a wolf.  The DNR most recently reported fewer than half of those have actually purchased their licenses.  But DNR Carnivore specialist Dave MacFarland says that’s nothing unusual.

“That’s very typical. We generally sell the majority of our permits just before the season opens. And if you look at the data on deer licenses for example, the number of permits we sell just before the gun deer season opens is overwhelming. And so we would anticipate that pattern would be followed in the wolf harvest as well.”

MacFarland also points out the wolf season is several months long.  And some hunting techniques like the pursuit of wolves with hounds will not become legal until later.

“We have techniques that only become legal after our deer hunting season. So we may have people who will wait to purchase a permit closer to when their method of harvest becomes legal.”

This year marks Wisconsin’s second wolf season.  The wolf harvest quota for non-tribal hunters is about 250, more than twice what it was last year.    

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