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Walleye Initiative Brings Input From Anglers

A DNR Fisheries Manager says after a series of meetings on upgraded walleye stocking in Wisconsin waters, the public has reacted favorably.

Governor Walker announced in May the state would spend more than $12 million to upgrade facilities and grow walleye fingerlings to a larger size. The larger fish tend to have a higher survivability rate.

Steve Avelallemant outlines some of the feedback they've been hearing...


"....they're concerned about followup research, angling regulations, protection of the fish to get the best 'bang for the buck', and even thinking broader about trying to find some of the reasons behind some of the declines in walleyes we've noticed...."

Avelallemant says part of followup is to do research on the fish survivability. He says they check water bodies in alternate years and use a type of chemical mark on the fish..


".....there's ways to do it, either alternate your stocking or looking for that 'mark'. And we also have a system in place, and we've been doing it for years, to systematically looking at the strength of walleye year classes in our lakes across the state..."

He says the stocking will be developed based on public input. Anglers can add their thoughts by going to the DNR website and taking a survey.

The annual production is estimated to increase from 60,000 to 120,000 large walleye fingerlings to well over 500,000 by 2016.

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