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Ice Packs To Replace Water In OC Live Wells


Anglers will be seeing volunteers and DNR staff out at boat landings this weekend  hoping to put something cold in the live wells.
Oneida County Aquatic Invasive species coordinator Michele Sadauskas says to help slow the spread of aquatic invasive hitchhikers, volunteers will be handing out ice packs to put in live wells...

"...instead of transporting fish, live in water in the live wells, we're handing out ice packs to help them drain their live wells and put their catch on ice...."

With boaters draining the live well at the  landing when they leave the water, the aquatic hitchhikers also stay in one place, rather than to the possibly untainted waters of another place.
Sadauskas says DNR staff, volunteers from 17 Oneida county lake associations and the Oneida county AIS team will be handing out the ice packs at 30 different bodies of water.

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