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Expera Works With DNR To Curb Sulfur Dioxide Emissions

Expera Specialty Solutions has until April to make a plan for reducing sulfur dioxide emissions at its Rhinelander paper mill. 

The EPA has flagged the Rhinelander area as a nonattainment area for sulfur dioxide, because the Expera facility is emitting more than the federal standard of 75 parts per billion. 

DNR Air program director Bart Sponseller says the agency is working with Expera to evaluate solutions. 

“They have different options. They can change the type of coal they’re burning, they’re can put controls on, they can raise the stacks, so they’re evaluating the various options in how to get the concentration down.”

Expera’s Rhinelander facility was identified as exceeding federal sulfur dioxide limits in October of 2013.

Last week two environmental groups filed suit against the DNR, saying the state hasn’t updated its standards for sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide to match federal ones. 

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