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NRB Approves Deer Population Goals


The state Natural Resources Board has approved deer population objectives in each county for a three-year period, with the area roughly north of Highway 64 approved for increased deer populations.

These objectives are the result of collaboration between the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and newly formed County Deer Advisory Councils, and will be reviewed on a recurring three-year basis.

DNR Bureau of Wildlife Management director Tom Hauge says the partnership with the local councils and the DNR is critical to future deer populations...


"....we felt we wanted to honor the work of the county deer advisory councils in this recommendation and then in the coming years cement that working relationship with them to address these other issues...."

Hauge says the goal is to establish solid footing with the councils...


"....a lot of this is about trust right now, and in honoring (the Council's) work is probably the biggest statement we can make in how much trust we're putting into their efforts...."

Beginning next month, the council will reconvene to develop antlerless quota recommendations that will help move the deer herd toward each council's population objectives. Each county has a council that is chaired by a member of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, and features representation from other stakeholder groups.

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